Pam is our utterly amazing funny lady. Pam is originally from a comedy background but was "thrown in feet first" when a Children's entertainer she was billed with got very sick. Pam has a natural ability for entertaining Children. Pam has spent a long time perfecting her Children's entertainment skills and is really one of the greats.

Favourite colour? Orange

Favourite party game? Follow the leader

Favourite Princess? Aurora

Favourite Superhero? Captain America

Something we don't Know about you? I am a qualified sitting exercise instructor


Jenny Joined MME back in October 2014 and has since become one of West Londons favourite entertainers. Jenny started face painting whilst working in a Zoo and wanted to expand on her natural ability to entertain children. Jenny now works as our fantastic face painter and also does beautiful pregnancy bump paintings.

Favourite Colour? Green 

Favourite party game? Musical bumps. 

Favourite Superhero? Poison Ivy

Favourite Princess? Belle

Something we don't know about you? Jenny is learning to speak Greek

Milly Madness trained in classical Ballet with the McGown school of dancing and learned Acrobatics and Circus Arts under the VERY watchful eye of Poppy Clemence (a Champion acrobat) Milly spent years dedicating herself to the art of entertaining children and even worked on tour with a real Circus in the UK. Milly Has been surrounded and trained by some of the best artists that the UK has to offer. Milly Has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years and really knows how to throw a good party.

Favourite colour? Red

Favourite party game? The hokey-cokey

Favourite Superhero? Iron man

Favourite Princess? Princess Leia

Something we don't know about you? Milly once saw a volcanic eruption

Chris N is our hugely talented events face painter and administrator when Chris is not painting faces or behind the Madness desk he loves to ride his Motorbike. 

Favourite colour? Black

Favourite party game? Pass the parcel 

Favourite Superhero? Batman

Favourite Princes?s Ariel

Something we don't know about you? Chris is married to Milly Madness

Our Entertainers


Chris N




Camilla is our second longest standing entertainer, she has a degree in performing arts and prides herself on her work with children. Camilla has worked as a performing arts teacher in some of Londons most prestigious prep schools and has directed and starred in many shows for children

Favourite colour? Green

Favourite party game? Musical bumps

Favourite Princess? Merida

Favourite Superhero? Pepper Potts

Something we don't Know about you? Camilla is the great-great-granddaughter of a famous childrens author


Beth is our rising Broadway baby. Trained in Ballet from a young age Beth has a truly mesmorising ability as an actress. Beth can turn her amazing acting ability to any character and does it with Gusto. Our Beth is hoping to earn a place at one of the big 5 stage schools for her Uni year,s so book a party with Beth soon, as she will be on a world tour before we know it...

Favourite colour? Pink

Favoriute party game? Follow the leader

Favourite Superhero? Batman

Favourite Princess? Rapunzel

Something we don't know about you? Beth knows the words to the songs of almost EVERY Musical



Lauren has lots of experience in the Am-dram performing circles. With her calm demeaner and natural ability to get on with children she is an asset to the Milly Madness entertainment and face painting teams

Favourite colour? Pink

Favourite party game? Head, shoulder, knees and toes

Favourite Princess? Cinderella

Favourite Superhero? Captain America

Something we don't Know about you? Lauren studied art and design at Falmouth College

Louise is our Surrey regional manager and our London office admin assistant. Louise is from a large family and knows the importance of finding the right entertainer for the right family.

Favourite colour? Pink

Favourite party game? Musical chairs

Favourite Princess? Belle

Favourite Superhero? Catwoman

Something we don't Know about you? Louise is Maths wizz

Milly Madness Herself

Where Childrens Happiness Comes First

Sam is part of our pro-face painting team and has many years of experience in the field and trained at a top London make-up school. Sam is fantastic with children from years of teaching and nannying young children.

Favourite colour? Blue

Favourite party game? Pass the parcel

Favourite Princess? Snow White

Favourite Superhero? The Hulk

Something we don't Know about you? Sam is learning how to do Henna tattoos

Leslie has over 20 years experience as a dancer for some of the Worlds most prestigious dance companies and has worked all over the world. Leslie trained at the Royal Ballet school and the London Studio centre. Leslie loves working with children and makes instant connections with them

Favourite Colour? Orange

Favorite Party Game? Pin the tail on the donkey

Favourite Superhero? Captain America

Favourite Princess?  Snow White

Something we don't know about you? Leslie has previously worked as a princess at Disney World