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Milly Madness Entertainment (MME)

Terms and conditions of booking:

MME requires £40 non refundable deposit at the time of booking. This will secure your booking. Bookings will only be held for 4 days without a deposit.

MME requires Payment in full on the day of the event before any entertainment commences

If the Event is cancelled any Less than 7 WORKING days you will be required to pay the balance in FULL We will try to re schedule but this is at
MME’s discretion

If in the unlikely event that
MME has to cancel an alternate date will be offered at half the previously quoted price

Your event will be secured by a booking confirmation email, If you do not receive this email 3 days after a payment is made please contact
MME immediately. If you have not received a confirmation email your booking is NOT yet confirmed.

MME reserve the right to finish a booking early for reasons that impact on their or any other people within the events health and safety

A ratio of at least 1 adult to 5 children is required at ALL times throughout the event
MME does NOT count as an adult for ratio reasons.

MME is not a childcare service and does not take responsibility for children at the event responsibility for the children remains with the named person

The health and safety of the children is the responsibility of the named person on the booking If the named person is not present at the party they need to nominate another adult to be the Named person.

MME does not accept responsibility for ANY accidents at the party when adults have NOT followed the guidelines and rules set out in these terms and conditions.

MME accepts no responsibility for allergies to face paint facial glitter glue latex in balloons or sweets. It is the named person’s responsibility to inform MME before the event of any children with allergies to these specific things. Please see face paint disclaimer

MME will only re make balloon models that have popped after they have been given to a child at their own discretion.

MME is not obligated to make balloon models or paint faces to any “extra” people at the event the number of people on the booking form are the number that will be catered too.

MME will enforce a number queue for face painting at busy events where a child is given a number and the number is called when your entertainer is ready. The number will be called twice before the number will become forfeit

There must be a table set up next to a power point with 2 electric outlets BEFORE your entertainer arrives. This is so we can maximise our time with your children if a extension lead is needed then the party booker needs to make sure that one is available and is in good working order
MME reserves the right to not use extension leads because they are deemed unsafe.

MME can not work outside in the rain or very poor or cold weather also can not work outside on waterlogged ground this is for the children’s safety water electrical and children do not mix

MME Will not use bubble machines where there is a floor that can become slippery when bubbles land. Again this is for the children’s safety.

MME is not responsible to damage or loss of; People, possessions, property or equipment before during or after any event

No person other than MME staff are permitted to touch or move equipment

MME operates a ZERO TOLLERENCE policy to verbal or physical abuse or rudeness from any member of the public. Action will be taken and it may lead to the event being cancelled without notice and the person responsible or persons affiliated will not be able to book with MME again

MME is a very time conscious organisation MME will always endeavour to start on time however if tables are not set up before your entertainer arrives and payment is not made promptly this could take up part of your party time and the event WILL always end on time. Extra time can be paid for at the discretion of MME

It is the responsibility of the named person to provide a car parking space for the entertainer for the duration of the party where permits must be provided or if there is not legal on street parking near by.

If an event is being held upstairs access to a lift or help with carrying equipment must be provided for the safety of entertainers.

MME party bookings are for a MAXIMUM of 25 children per entertainer. You will be required to have a extra entertainer if the number exceeds 25 children.

In the event that there are more then 25 children at any party event and a PRIOR arrangement has not been made with
MME the entertainer reserves the right to amend the program and remove certain elements of the party package.

MME can only work to their OWN back ground music. You agree that any other music or back ground tracks will be turned off During the time that entertainers are working.

There Must be sufficient lighting in place for a
MME Event. MME entertainers will not be able to do their job if there is not sufficient lighting in place at an event.

I consent to
MME entertainers handing out flyers at my event or I will place the flyers in to party bags.