Terms and Conditions of booking 2018


Milly Madness Entertainment is abbreviated in these terms as MME.


By Paying your deposit you agree to these terms and conditions of booking you will be required to sign these terms before your entertainment can begin.

MME requires a non refundable deposit at the time of Booking (£80 for a 2 hour party or £50 for a short party) this secures your date. No bookings will be saved without a deposit

All bookings are subject to a £2 booking fee

MME requires Payment in full before entertainment can commence.

If the event is cancelled with less than 7 working days notice You agree to pay MME in full. MME will try to reschedule but a 2nd charge will be made.

Your Event will be secured by a confirmation email please contact us if you do not receive this email. Your entertainer will call 1 week before your event please contact MME if you do not get your phone call or email.

If You have not informed us that you are missing your email or did not receive your pre call MME can not be held responsible for missed bookings.

MME reserve the right to finish a booking early for any reasons that impact on their or any other person present health, safety and wellbeing. This is at the discretion of MME staff your entertainer’s decision is final.

A Ratio of at least 1 adult to 5 children is required at all times for children aged 6 and over and children under 6 MUST have a responsible person over the age of 16 with them at all times during the entertainment. Your entertainer and assistants are not included in the ratio.

MME is not a childcare service and does not take responsibility for the health, safety or behaviour of children at the event the responsibility for this is with the person named on the booking form.

MME Parties and events are for a maximum of 25 children per entertainer unless specified otherwise for differences in parties that are pre agreed. Children aged 1 year to 14 years are counted All children in the room are counted and your party will be stopped without warning if the number of children in the room exceed these amounts.

MME will not be held responsible for behaviour management of children at events. In such cases of undesirable behaviour the child or children responsible will be asked to sit out of the event with the named person. This is at your entertainers discursion.

The health Safety and wellbeing of the guests at an event remain the responsibility of the named person on the booking form

If the person booking the party will not be present they must give the name and contact number for an alternitive person responsible for the event on the day.

MME ask that no food or drink is bought in to the entertainment area, left on the entertainers table or if children are eating, entertainment will be stopped until the items have been removed.

MME does not accept responsibility for any accidents at the party where children or adults have not followed the guidelines set out in these ts and Cs or instructions given by your entertainer

MME accepts no responsibility for allergies to ; Face pant, cosmetic glue or glitter, latex or sweets it is the names person’s responsibility to inform the entertainer of any allergies to these specific things.

MME entertainers need to be informed of any additional needs of any children that are present at the party. This is so that we can include every child in the entertainment and limit the potential to accidentally cause upset, offence or injury.

MME requires that all children under 6 have a responsible person with them at all times and adhere to the safety briefs given out at the start and during the party.

MME will only re make balloon models that have popped after they have been given to a child at their own discursion.

MME is not obliged to make balloon models or pant faces to any extra people at the event or for children not present at the time that a specific activity is going on.

MME will enforce a number queue for face panting at busy events where a child s given a number and the number s called when your entertainer is ready. The number will be called twice before it becomes forfeit.

MME entertainers will only ask a child to join n twice this way we are not being overly pushy with the children.

MME entertainers will not pant faces of children who do not give consent or children who have mentioned a allergy, seem to have a skin complaint, have broken or dirty skin or if they see that a child has head lice.

MME require that a table is set up next to a power point with a minimum of 2 outlets before they arrive. This is so we can maximise our time entertaining. If an extension lead is required then the named person needs to ensure one is available and is in good working order. MME staff reserve the right not to use leads or sockets that are deemed unsafe. This is at your entertainers discression.

MME will not work outside in extremes of weather this is at your entertainer’s discursion. MME staff will not work outside if there is a chance it might rain or if the ground is unsuitable this is also at your entertainers discursion.

MME is not responsible for damage or loss of people possessions or equipment before during or after an event.

No Person other than MME staff are permitted to touch or move equipment.

MME Operates a zero tolerance policy to any form of abuse or rudeness from any member of the public or guest at any event action will be taken and may lead to the immediate cancellation of your event and that person and those affiliated being unable to book with MME in the future.

MME is a time conscious organisation, MME will always strive to start on time, However if tables are not set up before your entertainer arrives and payment and signing of these terms and conditions is not done promptly this will take up part of your entertainment time and the event will always end at the specified time.

Extra time can be paid for on the day at the discursion of MME.

It is the responsibility of the named person to provide a car parking space or pay for parking charges for the entertainer for the duration of the event.

If an event is being held up stairs access to a lift or assistance with carrying equipment MUST be provided.

MME staff will not use outdoor stairs or use stairs or lifts that seem unsafe.

MME do not permit the use of bubble machines Smoke machines fog machines or snow machines during the time of entertainment.

MME entertainers will not work in an environment where alcohol or drugs including tobacco are being consumed.

MME can only work to their own background music. You agree that any other Music or background noise will be turned off or kept to a minimum while your entertainers are working.

Other entertainment such as bouncy castles soft play and craft materials must be packed away during the time your entertainer is present.

There must be sufficient lighting in place at your event MME reserves the right not to work in poor light. This is at your entertainer’s discursion. 

I consent to MME entertainers handing out flyers or placing flyers in to party bags.

If you are unhappy with your entertainer please speak to them immediately as MME can not be held responsible for complaints made after the party has ended as we will not be able to rectify this for you.

MME will not give refunds for parties if the entertainer has finished the party unless the named person has made a complaint to the entertainer during the event.

MME will have a full investigation in to complaints before offering a refund or deciding on a course of action. This can take up to 30 days.

MME will not work in venues that are only accessible by outdoor stairs.

The named person will be responsible for paying for the replacement of any equipment costumes or personal items that go missing or get broken from the entertainer’s kit during the party.

MME entertainers reserve the right to leave a event if there is concern about infectious diseases or conditions with any guests at the event.

In the event that your named entertainer can not attend your event we will endeavour to send another MME entertainer. If no one from MME is available we will ask trusted friendly companies to cover your event. MME will only cancel your event as a very last resort.MME will not refund deposits if a event needs to be cancelled or postponed due to extremes of weather or other circumstances outside of MME control